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Online Customer Portal

Graphic Impressions is pleased to announce that online ordering and inventory updates can be made available for select accounts through Graphic Impressions.

One aspect of the custom graphics business is that each of our customers have different needs that require different products.  This creates a challenge for creating an online shop.  How can clients place orders for their custom products through an automated system?

Through our website, now, customers can login and see their custom products, receive inventory updates, and even check on the status of a installation.  Each customer has a unique customer portal, and no one but the intended customer has access to the intended customer’s options.

Whether you are staging a national campaign for your franchises, or simply in need of the ability to check the status of your inventory or orders 24 hours a day, our new web portal may be just the thing you need.

To inquire about this service, please call 800 237 2171 or contact us at


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Thinking Outside of the Box[car]: Insight Into Modern Aesthetic Enhancements

An article from 3M’s news blog gives a beautiful example of how aesthetic considerations can overlap with practical considerations to create a unique experience for customers.

From the article:

3M graphic films are not only protecting the interiors of three trains in France, they are enhancing them with artistic beauty, too.

Art Graphics inside of French Passenger Train

© Christophe Recoura

Rail passengers are being enveloped by art during their commutes, thanks in part to 3M France’s Commercial Graphics Division and 3M graphic films.

- Spark “3M graphic films provide visual feast for train passengers”, 3M August 2013 (click for full article)

So, while we are all know that custom graphics can help craft a professional visage and increase visibility, its good to think about the plethora of other applications.

It’s easy to become fixed on the functionality, but thinking outside of the box, how can something as powerful and revolutionary as modern printing techniques create new experiences for our customers and clients?  Food for thought.

If you have any unique ideas, leave a comment, or better yet, get out there and make your unique application a reality.