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Let the Light In – Perforated Graphic Films

Perforated Window Films by Graphic Impressions

3M ™ Scotchcal ™ Perforated Window Graphic Film IJ8171 - Copyright  3M Corp

3M ™ Scotchcal ™ Perforated Window Graphic Film IJ8171 – Copyright 3M Corporation

Our perforated window graphics let you capitalize on extra window space without sacrificing natural lighting or visibility. They are made using durable 3M films that are engineered to bring brilliance and sharpness to your custom graphics.

Advertisements, promotions, decorations, and branding posted on your storefront windows will give your company’s point of purchase promotions the brilliance and professionalism that your company deserves.

before and after illustration of window perforation.  copyright 3m corporation

Copyright 3M Corp.

Perforated window graphics are versatile and can be used on vehicles, storefronts, signs, and many other transparent surfaces.

To learn more about our perforated window graphics and Graphic Impressions’ full “design to installation” services, call us at 1-800-237-2171.

Summer Gardening in Central Kansas: Advice From a Novice

Here we are -  already over the longest day of the year, the day that marks the beginning of Summer.  With respect to the weather in our part of Kansas we don’t have much to complain about, at least in comparison to Two years ago.

rosemoss flower

While the weather has been somewhat mild, we’ve still had a few of those scorching hot days that can stress out your plants, or worse. With the sometimes too wet, sometimes too dry weather, all of us with plants (or those of us who take care of plants) have had to hunker down and pay attention because the wild weather oscillations make “one size fits all” gardening all but impossible.



Here are some quick tips for gardening:

Use What Works:
Find plants that work in the areas that you are planting in.  This may seem obvious, but Photo of a clump of beard tongue.  sometimes its easy to buy a plant and not realize that its completely inappropriate for the environment in which you intend to plant it.  Even when you have zone, sun, and drainage requirements down, sometimes the soil PH or a lack of a wind block can turn a good flower bed plan into a dreary mess.

Sadly, sometimes you can do all of the right things and still have something fail in vivo.  You can, however, limit your frustration by contacting local gardening clubs, greenhouses, and even your city’s horticulture department for information.

You’re reading this article,  so you may already be doing some online research.  Good on you!  It’s super easy to use a Google Image search to look for problems specific to your plants or problems with similar plants.

There numerous horticulture sites and databases that are just a Google search away.  Some contain advice, and some have user comments that add to or clarify the information in the database.  Use them, as always, knowing that the information you’re getting may not be accurate.

Not just the plant itself, but the soil.  If the soil is already visibly moist, you don’t need to water it again.   Signs of overwatering and underwatering can be deceptively similar,  so it is wise to take into account soil drainage and retention when assessing any problems you may have.

It’s wise to use a small spade, scoop, or cultivator to check the ground under the very top layers of soil.  Just make sure, of course, that you’re not digging too close to the plant.

Inspect plants for signs of disease, such as malformed leaves, growths/bumps along the stalk, and discoloration.

Pay attention to how your plants behave after a rain, or on the hottest days.

Does your plant need pruning? Can it be dead-headed? What interventions can you use to keep your plants healthy in the summer?

While weeding is crucial to maintaining a healthy, aesthetically pleasing garden spot, it is also good to perform routine maintenance on your plants.  Some plants require “dead-heading”, or the removal of old blooms, in order to keep producing flowers.  The humble annual Coleus, for example, tends to have healthier-looking foliage when its flowering spikes are removed.

Beware that a lot of plant care should be cultivar-specific. Roses, for instance, vary wildly on tolerance for pruning and dead-heading.  As emphasized above – you should do your research (lest your efforts yield unforeseen results!).

Do Nothing
Know when to leave things alone.  Sometimes plants need to adapt to your garden, especially during drastic weather changes or right after planting.  Imprudent pruning can have you cutting off aesthetically displeasing leaves which can still be supplying a large amount of energy to the plant.  Sometimes plants just look bad for the hottest hours of the day, so no amount of water  around the roots will make them perk up.

The point is that you should know when to just leave things alone.  Sometimes doing more will leave you with less.

The above is a novice’s heuristic guide to maintaining a garden in unpredictable environs.  Do you have a favorite source of information or any general tips to add?  Please leave a comment!


hibiscus flower



Online Customer Portal

Graphic Impressions is pleased to announce that online ordering and inventory updates can be made available for select accounts through Graphic Impressions.

One aspect of the custom graphics business is that each of our customers have different needs that require different products.  This creates a challenge for creating an online shop.  How can clients place orders for their custom products through an automated system?

Through our website, now, customers can login and see their custom products, receive inventory updates, and even check on the status of a installation.  Each customer has a unique customer portal, and no one but the intended customer has access to the intended customer’s options.

Whether you are staging a national campaign for your franchises, or simply in need of the ability to check the status of your inventory or orders 24 hours a day, our new web portal may be just the thing you need.

To inquire about this service, please call 800 237 2171 or contact us at


Services Collage

Thinking Outside of the Box[car]: Insight Into Modern Aesthetic Enhancements

An article from 3M’s news blog gives a beautiful example of how aesthetic considerations can overlap with practical considerations to create a unique experience for customers.

From the article:

3M graphic films are not only protecting the interiors of three trains in France, they are enhancing them with artistic beauty, too.

Art Graphics inside of French Passenger Train

© Christophe Recoura

Rail passengers are being enveloped by art during their commutes, thanks in part to 3M France’s Commercial Graphics Division and 3M graphic films.

- Spark “3M graphic films provide visual feast for train passengers”, 3M August 2013 (click for full article)

So, while we are all know that custom graphics can help craft a professional visage and increase visibility, its good to think about the plethora of other applications.

It’s easy to become fixed on the functionality, but thinking outside of the box, how can something as powerful and revolutionary as modern printing techniques create new experiences for our customers and clients?  Food for thought.

If you have any unique ideas, leave a comment, or better yet, get out there and make your unique application a reality.


LED Optimizing Films from 3M: Available Through Graphic Impressions

Screen Capture of graphic films from from 3M info sheet

Did you know that industry leader 3M makes films that optimize LED backlighting? These films contribute to your overall energy savings by allowing you to use less light and more efficient signage. The versatility of the films allows you to use a wider variety of solutions, thus lowering your overhead without sacrificing quality or aesthetics.

Here at Graphic Impressions, we can, from design to installation, create your sign graphics using 3M™ Envision™ Translucent and Diffuser Films. And, as always, we’re here to answer your questions. Our knowledgeable staff will make sure that you get the right materials for your business.

Call us today at 800-237-2171, or email us to get started with your custom graphics today.

Phone: 800-237-2171



Order Your Signs – Now Online



Graphic Impressions is pleased to announce another way for customers to order our quality products.  Real Estate Signage is now available for direct order through our website.  Now you can order your signs on demand.  We make your frames and print your signs in-house to ensure that you receive a quality, American-Made product that will last for years.  Our signs will give your company the competitive edge that only professional signage can provide.

As with all of our products, we use quality materials and inks to give you the best image quality Vanntage Real Estate Sign printed by Graphic Impressionsand durability that the business has to offer.  Our online ordering system is friendly, quick, and easy.

Your shipping is custom figured by our shipping department so that you will only pay the shipping and handling required.

As with all of our products, you can also order by simply calling 800-237-2171.

Visit our online shop or call today to place your order.  Either way, you can be confident you’ll get the attention you deserve.


Vehicle Graphics: More Than Just Advertising

IMG_9434SMAre you promoting your brand effectively and efficiently? Consider that telecommunications media have split consumer markets into small, sometimes hard to reach pieces. Some of these market slivers use internet as their main source of information, while others may solely rely on television, radio, or read traditional print media. To make matters worse, popular technologies like ad blocking software and DVR disrupt your message and cut into your projected impressions.

Advertising professionals know that a diverse and balanced advertising portfolio, though difficult build, is the key to winning customers in today’s market. Traditional physical media, like billboards, vehicle graphics, decorated awnings, and signs are sure to generate a large number of impressions across all demographics. But which option is going to give you the most value for your advertising dollar?

Vehicle graphics are more cost effective, in terms of cost per impression, than television, magazine, newspaper, or the aggregate of other outdoor advertising methods.

Ad agency RYP & Becker Group finds that:

  • 97 Percent of people surveyed recalled the ad on their test truck.
  • 98 percent also thought that the ads created a positive image of the advertiser.
  • 96 percent felt that fleet graphics had more impact than billboards.

- Cited in “Street-Smart Advertising” 3M, October 2013

Per above, fleet advertising not only generates more impressions per dollar: it generates quality impressions. It is one of the most dynamic and cost-effective ways to advertise your brand.


Graphic Impressions’ full service shop can design, print, and install the vehicle graphics you need to promote your business and build your brand.  We offer a one-source, turnkey operation that helps you get the best value for your advertising dollar.  From design to installation and removal, we at Graphic Impressions have been tested by some of business’ largest and most demanding corporations – and passed with flying colors.

Give us a call at 800-237-2171 to begin your order today.

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What Do We Mean By “The Attention You Deserve”?

Customer communications are very important to us because delivering impeccable service is at the foundation of our business model.  From Graphic Impressions HQ in the center of the United States, we serve IMG_0016customers from coast to coast (and beyond).  We offer design, printing, and installation services for our customers, and we make our products using the best materials available in the printing industry.

We make our products with:

  •     The Latest and Greatest Quality Materials from 3Mmid-america
  •     High Quality Inks
  •     Mediums That Fit a Variety of Situations
    • Temporary or Long Term
    • Indoor or Outdoor
    • Digital or Screen Prints
    • Matte, Translucent, or Reflective

Our operation can do anything from design to installation.  We fill large or small volume orders, and orders can be placed in person, over the phone, through email, or via our website.  Our knowledgeable staff knows the right questions to ask to make sure our customers receive the best products and prices.  Our customer base is loyal because they know that we provide reliable, customer-oriented service.


The Graphic Impressions advantage is efficient, reliable service and quality.  Whether you are in fleet management, retail marketingadvertising, or real estate, the message is the same: Call us and see how we can help you to market your brand.  You, too, can get “The Attention You Deserve”.

Phone: (800) 237-2171


Designing Your Customer Communication


The way that information is displayed can either undermine or promote the underlying message.  Perhaps this is more salient today, when we’ve had years to refine and shape the way that information is delivered.  Texting, social media, and other forms of digital communication have co-evolved with the way that our culture reads information.   “Tl;dr“, for instance, is social media slang for “too long, didn’t read”, and is used to post summaries for text that spans more than a few short paragraphs – the limit for people who are actively scanning for the “main idea” in a text.

Hertz Rental Vehicle Graphic

While we can wax philosophical about the social ramifications of developing digestible information, the protests of Luddites and grammarians are irrelevant.  The reality is that quick, accessible information is more effective at delivering messages than long, complicated blocks of text.This is a symptom of an environment where information must be delivered efficiently and effectively.

Aesthetics also play a large role in delivering information.  A consistent, clean, and appropriate interface will help to direct customers to the services they need.  A cluttered, tattered, or inappropriate presentation can alienate customers and tarnish your brand.

Donald A. Norman’s the The Design of Everyday Things is a book that every marketer, engineer, and innovator should read.  The book explains how product designs, and designs in general, work for or against users.  It is canonical in a growing field of research that empirically looks at design and human interaction.  Norman’s statement “Design is really an act of communication, which means having a deep understanding of the person with whom the designer is communicating,”  asks us who we are communicating with when we decide on a design (Design of Everyday Things: Preface to 2002 edition, X).

In the everyday we can point out examples where poor communication results from poor design.  Shop owners may have an area of a store that is never visited, not because consumers do not want the products are sold there, but because they have no mental map or directions to those products.  Maybe there is a unique product or deal that the shop offers:  How can they tell their customers?  Signs, window graphics, and permanent displays can help customers “read” your store and quickly find what they need.  In this way, your store’s design/layout alters the way your customers interact with you.

Shipping and trucking companies know that road safety does not depend solely on their drivers.  Reflective, easy-to-read, and fluorescent wraps can catch the attention of other drivers and inform them of blind spots and “no zones” around large trucks.


Whether you’re promoting your business, introducing a product, building your brand, or improving public safety, you can effectively design the way that you interact with customers by using products from Graphic Impressions.

Graphic Impressions offers Custom Signage, Vehicle Wraps Graphics,  and Retail-Centered Graphics products.  We can offer you products that are appropriate for indoor or outdoor, and that are geared towards cover_imagelong or short-term use.  Our facilities are capable of making ready-to-go signs and decals – all to your specification.

Because we use quality 3M materials, we are able to deliver the consistent, professional look that will give your customers confidence in your brand.

Tl;dr: Let us know how we can help you to improve customer communication.

Give us a call at (800) 237-2171 to place your custom order.

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