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What Do We Mean By “The Attention You Deserve”?

Customer communications are very important to us because delivering impeccable service is at the foundation of our business model.  From Graphic Impressions HQ in the center of the United States, we serve IMG_0016customers from coast to coast (and beyond).  We offer design, printing, and installation services for our customers, and we make our products using the best materials available in the printing industry.

We make our products with:

  •     The Latest and Greatest Quality Materials from 3Mmid-america
  •     High Quality Inks
  •     Mediums That Fit a Variety of Situations
    • Temporary or Long Term
    • Indoor or Outdoor
    • Digital or Screen Prints
    • Matte, Translucent, or Reflective

Our operation can do anything from design to installation.  We fill large or small volume orders, and orders can be placed in person, over the phone, through email, or via our website.  Our knowledgeable staff knows the right questions to ask to make sure our customers receive the best products and prices.  Our customer base is loyal because they know that we provide reliable, customer-oriented service.


The Graphic Impressions advantage is efficient, reliable service and quality.  Whether you are in fleet management, retail marketingadvertising, or real estate, the message is the same: Call us and see how we can help you to market your brand.  You, too, can get “The Attention You Deserve”.

Phone: (800) 237-2171


After the End of March

As many of you are aware, the college basketball season is coming to an end.  We are slowly shifting back to the normal day-to-day here in Hutchinson, the location of our Kansas headquarters, which just hosted the NJCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament.  Graphic Impressions created the graphics for the event and several of its participating sponsors, and is proud to be the company entrusted with this task.

NJCAA Hutchinson floor graphic
The end of the basketball season means, of course, that warmer weather is on the horizon in our city and elsewhere in these United States.  Celebrations, outdoor concerts, cookouts, street fairs, farmer’s markets, and garden sales will replace the snow plows, salt trucks, and empty sidewalks endemic to the colder months.

As always, Graphic Impressions is ready to help you with the design, creation, and installation of graphics to promote your business year round.  We would like the opportunity to help you promote your upcoming outdoor and special events as well.  Our versatile operation makes graphics designed to look great in indoor or outdoor environments and under various lighting conditions.  Because we use high quality materials,ttps://”

Among our plethora of options, we use industry leader 3M’s materials and appropriate inks to give your graphics a consistent, professional look.
These quality 3M materials:

  • Decrease installation and removal times.
  • Make your outdoor graphics last longer
  • Use adhesives that make installation easier and bubble-free
  • Include options for reflective films that make your graphics visible in an array of lighting conditions.

For events, signage has to work well and work fast.  Our staff of experts can custom create the signage you need to make sure you capture attention and sales.

Graphic impressions makes outdoor signs and banners easy and hassle-free.  Our commercial signage designers create artwork to fit any number of situations.  We manufacture frames, fittings, wlded brackets, create artwork to specifications, and powder coat sign frames and brackets for maximum outdoor durability

Give us a call at 800-237-2171 to place your specialized order today.

Phone: 800-237-2171