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Vehicle Graphics: More Than Just Advertising

IMG_9434SMAre you promoting your brand effectively and efficiently? Consider that telecommunications media have split consumer markets into small, sometimes hard to reach pieces. Some of these market slivers use internet as their main source of information, while others may solely rely on television, radio, or read traditional print media. To make matters worse, popular technologies like ad blocking software and DVR disrupt your message and cut into your projected impressions.

Advertising professionals know that a diverse and balanced advertising portfolio, though difficult build, is the key to winning customers in today’s market. Traditional physical media, like billboards, vehicle graphics, decorated awnings, and signs are sure to generate a large number of impressions across all demographics. But which option is going to give you the most value for your advertising dollar?

Vehicle graphics are more cost effective, in terms of cost per impression, than television, magazine, newspaper, or the aggregate of other outdoor advertising methods.

Ad agency RYP & Becker Group finds that:

  • 97 Percent of people surveyed recalled the ad on their test truck.
  • 98 percent also thought that the ads created a positive image of the advertiser.
  • 96 percent felt that fleet graphics had more impact than billboards.

- Cited in “Street-Smart Advertising” 3M, October 2013

Per above, fleet advertising not only generates more impressions per dollar: it generates quality impressions. It is one of the most dynamic and cost-effective ways to advertise your brand.


Graphic Impressions’ full service shop can design, print, and install the vehicle graphics you need to promote your business and build your brand.  We offer a one-source, turnkey operation that helps you get the best value for your advertising dollar.  From design to installation and removal, we at Graphic Impressions have been tested by some of business’ largest and most demanding corporations – and passed with flying colors.

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Designing Your Customer Communication


The way that information is displayed can either undermine or promote the underlying message.  Perhaps this is more salient today, when we’ve had years to refine and shape the way that information is delivered.  Texting, social media, and other forms of digital communication have co-evolved with the way that our culture reads information.   “Tl;dr“, for instance, is social media slang for “too long, didn’t read”, and is used to post summaries for text that spans more than a few short paragraphs – the limit for people who are actively scanning for the “main idea” in a text.

Hertz Rental Vehicle Graphic

While we can wax philosophical about the social ramifications of developing digestible information, the protests of Luddites and grammarians are irrelevant.  The reality is that quick, accessible information is more effective at delivering messages than long, complicated blocks of text.This is a symptom of an environment where information must be delivered efficiently and effectively.

Aesthetics also play a large role in delivering information.  A consistent, clean, and appropriate interface will help to direct customers to the services they need.  A cluttered, tattered, or inappropriate presentation can alienate customers and tarnish your brand.

Donald A. Norman’s the The Design of Everyday Things is a book that every marketer, engineer, and innovator should read.  The book explains how product designs, and designs in general, work for or against users.  It is canonical in a growing field of research that empirically looks at design and human interaction.  Norman’s statement “Design is really an act of communication, which means having a deep understanding of the person with whom the designer is communicating,”  asks us who we are communicating with when we decide on a design (Design of Everyday Things: Preface to 2002 edition, X).

In the everyday we can point out examples where poor communication results from poor design.  Shop owners may have an area of a store that is never visited, not because consumers do not want the products are sold there, but because they have no mental map or directions to those products.  Maybe there is a unique product or deal that the shop offers:  How can they tell their customers?  Signs, window graphics, and permanent displays can help customers “read” your store and quickly find what they need.  In this way, your store’s design/layout alters the way your customers interact with you.

Shipping and trucking companies know that road safety does not depend solely on their drivers.  Reflective, easy-to-read, and fluorescent wraps can catch the attention of other drivers and inform them of blind spots and “no zones” around large trucks.


Whether you’re promoting your business, introducing a product, building your brand, or improving public safety, you can effectively design the way that you interact with customers by using products from Graphic Impressions.

Graphic Impressions offers Custom Signage, Vehicle Wraps Graphics,  and Retail-Centered Graphics products.  We can offer you products that are appropriate for indoor or outdoor, and that are geared towards cover_imagelong or short-term use.  Our facilities are capable of making ready-to-go signs and decals – all to your specification.

Because we use quality 3M materials, we are able to deliver the consistent, professional look that will give your customers confidence in your brand.

Tl;dr: Let us know how we can help you to improve customer communication.

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